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Mercer County and Central New Jersey Carpet Cleaning 

At Enviro Auto & Home Detailing we know how difficult it can be to keep your home’s carpets fresh and clean year-round. Kids, pets, weather and the occasional spills and oops that come with daily life, as well as everyday dirt and traffic wear, can take its toll on the carpets in your home or business.

Your carpeting, is an investment that you want to protect, and the high cost of replacing your carpet is not always practical or affordable.

With Enviro’s carpet cleaning services,  cleaning  of your NJ home’s carpets can literally add years to its life, saving you  money and not to mention the health benefits from removing dirt and germs.

Enviro’s carpet cleaning process uses deep steam cleaning heated to over 200 F to extract and break up the dirt or grease from the carpet. We shampoo too.

We specialize in environmentally friendly products that are safe around humans and pets.

 Our carpet cleaning is guaranteed to please,  if you’re not satisfied we will come back at no extra cost to you.

 Pleasing you is all we do!


Our Mercer County and Central NJ Carpet Cleaning Service Price Guide            

Carpet Cleaning

1 Room up to 250 sq ft                                                    $90.00

Each additional room                                                      $60.00

Over 1100 sq ft                                                per sq ft $0.35

Stairs per step                                                                   $3.00

Hallways & Closets per sq ft                                         $0.35

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