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Mobile Auto Detailing

Mercer County and Central NJ Mobile Auto Detailing

Enviro Mobile Auto Detailing provides expert mobile auto detailing and hand car wash services to  Mercer County including including Princeton, Montgomery, Lawrenceville and the entire central NJ area. Our professional auto detailing services include; Expert Car Polishing, Complete Car Interior Cleaning & Detailing
Services and value priced Mobile Auto Detailing Packages.

Enviro Auto detailing provides complete exterior auto detailing services including full- service hand washes, expert buffing, car polishing, paint scratch removal, compounding, rock paint chip repair and other automotive surface protection services. We come to your home or office and offer evening and weekend appointments.

Exterior Mobile Auto Detailing

  • Scrub wheels, wheel wells and tires
  • Remove bugs and road grime
  • Chemically remove tar splatters
  • Clay paint to remove environmental fallout
  • Hand wash and microfiber dry
  • Buff paint to remove correctable imperfections
  • Polish paint to restore shine and luster

Car – exterior wash only                              $45.00- $60.00

Big SUV/Truck Exterior wash only          $60.00- $70.00

Car – Wash and Vacuum only                      $60.00- $75.00

Big SUV/ Truck- wash and vacuum only   $75.00- $100.00

Spray wax                                                         $10.00- $15.00

Full Service Car Interior Cleaning and Detailing Services

Enviro Mobile Auto Detailing provides full – service car interior cleaning and detailing services including auto upholstery cleaning, carpet shampooing, leather seat cleaning and conditioning, auto odor removal, cigarette burn repair and carpet dying. We come to your home or office and also offer evening and weekend appointments

Complete Car Interior Detailing

Our Complete Car Interior Cleaning will make your car, pick-up truck, SUv, or mini van look and smell new again. This interior detailing service is perfect for a vehicle that needs everything cleaned, detailed and conditioned. When it comes to cleaning windows we are the very best!

This process includes:
• Vacuum interior and air purge all cracks and crevices
• Clean headliner and all vinyl components
• Special attention to AC vents, console, dash board, pockets and pedals
• Clean upholstery and carpets with heated soil extractor
• Clean and condition any leather surfaces
• Condition all vinyl components
• Clean windows, window tips, mirrors, gauges and chrome
• Apply car interior fragrance
• Inspect all tasks rendered

Car                                                                  $85.00- $100.00
Large SUV/ Truck                                       $100.00- $125.00
To add fragrance and protective wax      $10.00- $15.00

Comprehensive Mobile Auto Truck SUV Car Detailing

All of the above plus compound, polish and wax

Cars                                                                  $250.00 – up
Large SUV/Truck                                          $299.00 – up

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